This course is designed to provide an introduction to Multi-Residential property valuation for assessment purposes and provides a practical valuation guide for Multi-Residential Property.The Mass Appraisal 102 course considers the following:

  • Collecting data
  • Analyzing the information
  • Developing valuation parameters
  • Valuation process
  • Estimating market value
  • Ensuring quality of assessment values

This course is focused on the fundamental concepts and applications of mass appraisal processes relative to the valuation of residential properties. In a series of online lessons, this course will focus on the differences between mass appraisal and single property appraisal concepts, highest and best use, data collection, fundamental market analysis, measuring mass appraisal performance, the appeal process, and the use of technology. Valuation model building and calibration of models will be discussed, in addition to a model testing the quality control process.